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The Emergency Pee Pot is a portable toilet which was designed for the construction industry. More specifically, this emergency toilet is for construction workers when they have personal emergencies. You know how it is. When you have to go you have to go. And if the toilet is not installed on your job site, so your employees have to go to a nearby store, a neighbor's house to beg to use their toilet or find a place to hide. Women are especially vulnerable to this problem. Finding a place to take a leak is one thing, but to take a dump is another. But if you are in a populated city, the problem is more complex.

Before the existence of building codes, which now require a toilet facility to be set up on job sites, the use of a tube filled with insulation was doable. NOW, the Emergency Pee Pot does the job whether you have a working sewer line in the apartment you are tearing apart or new house with the sewer pipe coming out of the ground.

This can eliminate the trip to the neighbor's house, or the 30 minute trip to the store and back, further eliminating the cost of downtime and improve public relations.

On new construction, it is advised to wait until the drywall is hung and finished to let the plumber open the test plug and secure the drain line to set this unit into the commode flange unsecured by bolts.

Or into the 3 inch line for the flange. Afterward, you do not have to rent the outside porta-john any more until the completion of the job, which saves you money.

Having been in construction for over 30 years and now licensed on North Carolina and South Carolina as a building contractor, I have completed major renovations of office buildings and homes in the past. If I would have had this unit while doing these jobs, I would have saved hundreds of dollars in rental fees for outside units.

Being inspired by the H.S., I sat down one Sunday afternoon and drew up this unit. After working on this project for over a year, I am excited to make it available to my coworkers in construction to help cut cost without compromising the integrity of the building project.

Wade Kirkland


  • Water Supply Kit: includes attachment, supply line and on/off shutoff valve included.
  • Privacy Curtain and 5 gallon bucket toilet paper holder (Cheaper to Do It Yourself)
  • Replaceable seat and lidEMERGENCY PEEPOT


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